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The Dirty South in Berlin

Dirty South is a new addition to the fast evolving American/Tex-Mex food scene here in Berlin. But unlike most Tex-Mex joints and their tequila neon signs, sombreros & tacky Americana memorabilia, this tiny Friedrichshain restaurant has the look and feel of an old saloon. With its old heavy dark wood bar, rickety chandeliers, 19th century-style wallpaper and worn massive hardwood floors, it feels like it was lifted straight out of an old pioneer town and plunked into the middle of punky Friedrichshain.

And somehow it works.

Photo Copyright: Tom Tomczyk, as seen on the Dirty South Facebook page

The fitting music – good old blues & blue grass – was also a nice touch. Opened by the same people who started the Cupcake Berlin cafe across the street, this place seems to have been a labor of love.

On the food side, the fare is simple but very tasty. We tried an assortment off the taco menu and were impressed. The strongest of bunch was the Southern BBQ Beef taco. Perfectly tender meat, with an amazing (& perhaps imported?) BBQ sauce, it was one of the best tacos I have eaten here in Berlin. The taco with kimchi was also a winner.

Photo Copyright: Tom Tomczyk, as seen on the Dirty South Facebook page

Dirty South has a solid cocktail menu with an emphasis on quality booze (Maker’s Mark in Friedrichshain! Never thought I would see the day…) But unfortunately it seemed that on our visit the bartenders were having a little trouble with the preparation and execution of the drinks. That said, the place is still so new that I think we can cut them a little slack this time.

I will be going back soon to give the drinks another shot. Especially since I didn’t try the Bloody Mary – their signature drink and one of my personal favorites.

Dirty South, Krossener Str. 18, 10245 Berlin  www.facebook.com/dirtysouthberlin

T – F: 5:00 pm-11:00 pm, Weekend: 12:00 pm-12:00 am


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