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A drink at Würgeengel

Dresdener Straße, right next to the (notorious) Kottbusser Tor, is fricking amazing. There are a bunch of great places all squished together on this tiny street. Within 80 meters, there is a cinema, a live jazz bar, a vodka bar, ottorink wine bar, an italian restaurant and a great cocktail bar called Würgeengel.

I have been to ottorink a couple of times (note: the staff is snobby, but the wines are very good), but only tried out Würgeengel for the first time last Thursday.  The bar is named after the german title of Luis Buñuel’s film El angel Exterminator. It specializes in cocktails but you can also order some nice antipasti plates for the table (they have a deal with the Italian restaurant next door). We were with some friends and so we got to try out a nice range of drinks. From Mint Juleps & Pisco Sour to the Horse’s Neck, they have the classics well covered. We were also lucky to have our helpful waiter who recommended the best drink of the night: the espresso martini, which tasted just like tiramisu! The Delicious Sour also blew our mind. The prices are high for the average Berlin bar, but worth it (most cocktails are between 7.50 – 9.50 euros a drink).

Würgeengel has a touch of Berlin of the 20s (see previous post), but is at the same time pretty laid back.

Give it a shot, next time you are in the kiez.

It is more likely to get a table early or on weekdays. Located at Dresdener Strasse 122, Kreuzberg, +49 (0) 30 615 5560, wuergeengel.de. Open daily from 7pm


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