Eavesdropping Berlin

Eavesdropping on all things Berlin related

Eavesdropping lives again

Here is Eavesdropping pt. 2

This is a sister blog to Eavesdropping Media focused on the city of Berlin. I will be mostly looking at the things that inspire and that interest. Also create some posts for travelers.

I have seen Berlin through many lenses. It is exciting and weird. Changing but stuck in the past. But the more I peel back the layers, the more I appreciate the complexity and contradiction of the city. Berlin has been hard to define since its founding, and now with the renewed attention on it, you see many groups try and define it once again.

It is simultaneously the new economic engine of Germany, the party capital, the investors dream, the artists’ and alternatives’ canvas, ugly and lacking taste, the political heart of europe, it is ecologically conscious, dirty and run-down, full of extremist ideological groups, very tolerant, a heaven for students, the best place for music, the worst place for music, the new New York, an old Paris, the center of culture, a bourgeois paradise, cheap as hell, ever more expensive, the gateway to the east, very unique.

I love this city. I hope you will too.


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